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Video Mailers: The Future of Direct Mail is Here

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Videos have mass appeal: that’s obvious from the popularity of YouTube and Facebook. (More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day.)


Videos aren’t going anywhere, and savvy marketers know it. By imbedding videos into direct mail pieces, you can cut through the sales clutter and accomplish what so many people are trying to do: grab people’s attention. 


What is it?

A video mailer typically consists of a tiny LCD screen on sturdy card-stock base, like one of those birthday cards that play music (the ones that kids think are hysterical every time you’re in the gift card aisle at Target).


Depending on the size of the screen, amount of memory, battery, and quantity, costs range from $25-75 per mailer, with the capacity to store up to two hours of video. While it might seem expensive initially, this is a targeted approach to marketing: identifying the right customers and tailoring communications.


A video mailer isn’t just any direct mail piece, it’s a premium video experience.


Everyone from smaller companies to well-known brands like Bentley and AT&T are taking advantage of this innovative technology.


Why consider video mail?
When you can bring your message to life, you’re capable of doing the following:  


  • Making an unforgettable first impression
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Improving open and response rates
  • Increasing your ROI


When you combine print and video, you have a powerful marketing tool. Images help people remember and understand the product or service. (Case in point: according to a recent study, 80 percent of users could recall a video ad they viewed in the last 30 days.)


Stand out from the pack and turn your next direct mail campaign into a smashing success with video-in-print technology.