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USPS® Marketing Mail™ Rate Update (July 14th, 2024)

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Download new postage rates. 

The upcoming postage rate changes on July 14th, 2024 might have you reaching for a calculator, but hold on! While postage rates are increasing, there's good news for businesses leveraging cost savings through USPS® Marketing Mail™.

USPS® Marketing Mail™ Still Your Cost-Effective Champion

Even with a recent average rate increase of 7%, Marketing Mail™ remains an exceptional value proposition for direct response campaigns. Here's why:

  • Bulk Discounts: Unlike single-piece First-Class Mail, Marketing Mail™ offers significant savings with minimum mailing quantities of just 200 pieces or 50 pounds. This translates to substantial cost reductions for your direct mail, even with the increase.
  • Targeted Reach: Get laser-focused with your marketing efforts! Explore options like saturation lists to target specific neighborhoods or carrier routes. 
  • Proven Results: Direct mail continues to be a highly effective way to generate leads and sales. Tangible mail pieces are stronger in recipients' minds, boosting your response rates.

Stay Informed, Stay Ahead

Download our Mailing & Postage Guide, which includes the new rates plus:

  • Nonprofit postage rates
  • First-Class® and USPS® Marketing Mail® postage rates
  • USPS® approved methods to update a mailing list
  • Cost-saving ideas for mailing campaigns
  • Standard envelope sizes
  • Mail tracking services