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How to Save Money and Boost Response with Data Hygiene

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According to the USPS, 40% of direct marketing success depends on the customer list you use.


Cleaning up your existing data, and utilizing data services to enhance them, will not only save you money, but help boost your direct mail response rates. Let's go over how.


A critical step to a successful direct mail campaign is to examine your existing data. Did you know that 17% of Americans change their address annually?


Data Hygiene Services

At Streamworks, we always use NCOA Link™ (National Change of Address Database) to ensure your lists are accurate. By using NCOA Link™, we're able to get a list of modified or incorrect addresses from the last 18-48 months to help clean your database.


Streamworks is a CASS™ (Coding Accuracy Support System) Certified vendor with the USPS, and we utilize a variety of checks to ensure your mail is deliverable. 


These services include:


LACSLink™ - a database that contains converted, modified, or changed addresses due to USPS changes. 


SuiteLink® - that appends the secondary (suite) information to a business address.


Delivery Point Validation™ - validates that the address is deliverable, and USPS can send mail to it.


Our Premium Package also includes:


PCOA - The Proprietary Change of Address database compiles address changes from private sources outside of the USPS. It retains information from the past 15 years by improving the listings, not deleting them.


ARS - Address Resolution Service reviews addresses deemed undeliverable during the CASS™ process. The average restored address rate is 30% and includes Apartment Append service.


At Streamworks, we also offer a variety of list suppression services that include:


Deceased Suppression

DMA Suppression

Prison Addresses

Business Addresses

Duplication Suppression


Why Data Hygiene is Important

Utilizing updated & approved postal data significantly increases your direct mail delivery rate, which translates to a higher response rate for your next campaign. Our goal is to ensure that your list is reaching the right people to save you time and money.


As an additional bonus, you also end up saving money on postage by only mailing to clean, active addresses. At Streamworks, we offer your files back after completion, so you can have a clean in-house database moving forward.


Data hygiene doesn't just save you money and boost your response rate though—it also protects your reputation. People don't want to receive spam mail, so by having a clean, targeted mailing list, you're ensuring that you're reaching the right people with the right message.


Interested in learning more about how we can enhance your data? Reach out for a FREE Database Assessment with one of our professionals to see how Streamworks can ensure your data works for you, not the other way around.