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Drip Marketing :: How To Close a Sale Without Making a Call

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Drip MarketingIt was one of the biggest phone calls of our contractor client's life: He and his wife were about to become first-time grandparents. The two dropped everything to visit their daughter, her husband and the new arrival.

Meanwhile, a prospect with a tight deadline found the contractor’s company website.

Our client was tied up with crib buying, diaper changing and photo taking (and a new salesperson was not yet on board). That email inquiry could have gone unanswered – and the prospect could have moved on to a competitor.

But thanks to Streamworks marketing automation, the prospect filled out a form on the website and got an immediate automated email reply as part of our client’s drip marketing campaign.

When the prospect replied to that email, he got a second automated response from our client.

So two days later, when our client resurfaced, checked his email and phoned him, the prospect thought he’d already been talking to our client. He was ready to close the deal – the easiest $25,000 sale ever, says our client.

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