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6 Ways To Utilize Customer Testimonials In Marketing Emails

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6 Ways To Utilize Customer Testimonials In Marketing Emails

SW_6 Ways To Utilize Customer Testimonials In Marketing Emails


Customer testimonials are some of the most powerful proof you have when it comes to showing potential leads that you're the best service to buy from.


As such, you want to be using them in your marketing. That extends to your marketing emails, too. Here are some ways you can use them and make the most of this advantage.


Don't Just Use Customer Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials are just one type of user-generated content or UGC. There's lots more out there, such as social media posts, images, and videos. These can all be used within the content of your email to show your recipients that they should choose you.


These posts are very genuine and real, and that helps engender trust in your brand. For example, you can add a few social media posts in the footer of your email, to show that you're a real company that offers the best to real customers.


Use Shorter Reviews

When you're using testimonials in your emails, you'll want to pick out the ones that will make the most impact. “Shorter emails are usually best for this purpose,” says Christine Small, a marketing writer at UK Top Writers and Boom Essays. “Customers don't want to read long, involved reviews, as they want you to get to the point quickly.”


You'll be able to get this with shorter reviews. Pick out reviews that make the point you want to get across, quickly. For example, if you're selling a kitchen appliance, you'll want reviews that show it's easy to use, easy to clean, and helps them cook healthier dishes. Find those reviews and incorporate them.


Try Using Video

Video is being used increasingly in email marketing now. While a recipient may not be willing to read through an email, they may be more willing to watch a short video. You can create videos that introduce new products or services, and send them to your email marketing list so the recipients can learn about them.


Again, a video works best if watchers see someone like them in it. A real-life user of your product or service, sharing what they like about it, is going to make a real impact on anyone you send the video to.


Personalize The Way You Use Testimonials 

You'll already be using personalization when you send out marketing emails, and that effort should reach the way you use testimonials too. You should already have an idea of the segmentation of your audience, and use that to create emails that are useful to them.


Personalize these emails further by using reviews from customers who are like them. Picking testimonials from people who are of the same gender, age bracket, living in the same location, and so on, can really make a difference.


Share Customer Stories

You may well know that sharing a customer story is one of the best ways to market your product. It's also one of the most powerful customer testimonials out there. This is because they can evoke emotions in the reader, but also show the actual results of what you're selling.


“Telling a story will help get across everything that you want the customer to know,” says Adrian Philips, a business blogger from the State Of Writing and Paper Fellows. “You'll be able to take all the concepts that you've had in the creation of your product, and put it into context for the reader.”


Use Other Forms Of Social Proof Too

There are lots of other forms of social proof that you can be using, as well as customer testimonials. When you use them all together, you'll be able to show your readers that they should be using your product.


For example, you can point out how many other people are using the product too. DuoLingo does this, showing that 350,000 teachers are using it in class. If you're a teacher, you'll wonder if you should be using it too.


These are just some of the ways that you can use customer testimonials in your marketing emails, and drive home why your product is the best for the recipients. Start using them in these ways listed above, and you'll see that they make a difference very quickly.


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