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3 Tips for Using Print in the Digital Age

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Some may think printing is dead but boy, are they wrong.


In fact, according to the International News Media Association, 82% of internet users trust print marketing over digital marketing when making a purchasing decision. Just this fact alone shows you that print is still a needed tactic in marketing today. That’s not to say it’s the only tactic to use.


It’s very important and beneficial to use print and digital marketing together. Working together has proven to be more successful than working against each other. Below, we walk through a few ways to use print even today, in the digital age.


QR Codes and Personalized URLs:

This is a perfect example of having print and digital work together. Sending customers QR Codes or personalized URLs via printed materials and then asking them to scan or enter the URL in their smartphone is a simple yet effective way to drive traffic to your online campaigns but also gain insights into your customers and how they prefer to engage with your brand.


Use Print to Market Your App:

A layered approach to marketing is always beneficial. Plus, you can use digital marketing to advertise something you want to highlight in print or vice versa. For example, if you recently made a mobile app for your brand, use print tactics to promote it. Use flyers, postcards, newsletters or posters to advertise your app while highlighting the benefits of using it and including a CTA to have the customer download it ASAP!


Integrate Social Media and Print:

Social media is a great place for people to engage with a brand whether that’s through liking your promotions, commenting about their feelings towards an experience with you or watching a live video. Social media is a great engagement builder. But it doesn’t need to end with just social media.


Make sure your marketing campaigns are similar enough for a consumer to view your brand as one whether their looking at one of your printed newsletters or your Facebook page. Also, use both tactics to highlight the other.


Use your newsletter to promote your social channels by providing your username or handle and explain why the consumer should check out your social media (e.g. for exclusive sales or promotions). This goes both ways. Make sure to use your social media to promote in-store tactics and printed materials (e.g. find a special QR code in our next newsletter).


When digital marketing started to come around, people were nervous it would quickly ruin print media but it hasn’t. In fact, they work best when they work together. Take advantage of the benefits of using both and see where it takes your marketing!


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