Marketing AND Data Security? We Have a Solution for That

As marketers in an industry where protecting patient health information has become as important as any bottom line measure, you’ve got a lot to manage. Streamworks offers a unique solution – a secure partner with marketing prowess.


We Do It All

Unlike most marketers, you have a hill of regulation to climb before introducing any new marketing effort. But as a marketer, you also understand that customer and patient tastes in how they want to interact with companies is changing. Some communication is better consumed in print, some is more practically viewed online, and many want to interact with you socially for a number of reasons.

Whether you need a solution for your marketing efforts or a way to automate your patient care communication, Streamworks is the partner you want to work with. We develop and implement multi-channel communication programs that allow you to integrate print, online and mobile when interacting with your customers and patients. More importantly, we do it with protection of your PHI at the center of our planning.

Our Healthcare Industry Solutions Include:

  • Multi-Channel Marketing - Any channel that allows communication with your prospective or current members
  • Digital Marketing – Website, Email, Social Media
  • Marketing on Demand - Web-based platform –for the personalization, ordering, and management of marketing assets, templates and finished products while withholding brand and compliance
  • Lifecycle Marketing - Acquisition, Patient Engagement, Disease Management, Wellness, Loyalty
  • Secure Mail Processing - Industry-Leading Commitment to Data Security
  • Fulfillment Services - Get the right product in the right hands at the lowest price as quickly as possible

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