Website Development : : Part Art, Part Science

Your website isn’t a stand-alone online marketing brochure. It also needs to tie into your social media, brand awareness, sales and lead generation efforts.

Website Development

How to Develop a Website

Because your website is so critical to developing and nurturing customer relationships, it not only has to incorporate great design and content, but it must also offer enticing educational material (like whitepapers, e-books, tip lists, and checklists) in order to capture visitor information. Streamworks team of web experts will provide custom web design that is creative and functional to turn your website into a lead & sales generating machine.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a 3-page site or a 300-page site, there is a basic outline Streamworks follows for all website development:

  1. Plan
    In this initial phase, we work with you to determine the goals and priorities of your website, including sales goals. We’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your existing site (if applicable), review analytics, conduct research and develop a sitemap.
  2. Create
    In this phase we put that planning into reality. From the research conducted, we create a wireframe and define the user experience. We design mock-ups and work closely with you to fine-tune the finished product.
  3. Develop
    The third phase is where our web team starts their heavy lifting. We transfer all the information agreed upon and turn it into code. Using a CMS (Content Management System), we create a template for your site and then fill with content (either provided by you or our team). We then test the site functionally across multiple browser types to ensure your users have the optimum experience.
  4. Launch
    This is typically the last phase for most web teams – the big launch. Your site is live and ready for the world to see. But for us, it’s just the new beginning.
  5. Track and Refine
    Remember those goals we defined at the beginning of the process? In this phase, which is an on-going one, we track results, test alternatives, and update search algorithms (SEO) to ensure that you are getting the maximum performance from your site.