Marketing Automation : : Work Smarter, Not Harder

Marketing automation is the use of a software platform to manage and automate all of your individual marketing efforts using a single solution. The focus of marketing automation is to move leads through your sales funnel until they are ready to buy and then continue to nurture them after they have converted to customers.

Marketing Automation Services

What Marketing Automation Is

Marketing automation is the use of a software platform to automate and personalize messaging to your customers and prospects across multiple marketing channels.

What Marketing Automation Is Not

Marketing automation is not sending canned messages or spamming your potential customers. The key to successful automated marketing solutions is developing rich, timely content that is relevant to the audience receiving it.

How Marketing Automation Works

Once a person responds to a call to action, fills out a request for information, speaks with a salesperson, or has any other interaction with your organization, they should be added to your marketing automation system. As the name implies, you use a marketing automation tool to take the manual work out of your marketing process.

Once a customer or prospect has been added to the system, all future interactions with your content (social media, blogs, emails, drip marketing, direct mail, etc.) are recorded and tracked. This allows you to further personalize future content based on the person’s previous history and interests. It also helps qualify the lead, so the sales department knows when that person is likely to buy.

Integrating Marketing Automation Into Your Sales Process

A marketing automation tool can be a stand-alone system or may integrate with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Streamworks is platform agnostic, which means that while we may have our preferences for what automated marketing tools work best, we can work with any platform and either create programs to implement into your current marketing automation system or build your program and manage it using our own in-house marketing automation tools.

Benefits to Using Streamworks for Your Marketing Automation:

  • Better align sales and marketing for greater performance
  • Save time and money by eliminating a manual marketing processes
  • Increase customer retention and lead conversion
  • Improve timing for sales interaction with leads