Nurturing Your Leads with Drip Marketing

Don’t waste valuable sales efforts on leads that aren’t yet ready to take action. Nurture marketing keeps prospects engaged by facilitating on-going communication with your company throughout your sales process. Your salespeople should only be talking with sales-ready leads, and nurture marketing allows that to happen. After the sale, nurture marketing can act as your unpaid salesperson, keeping you top of mind and keeping your competition at bay.

Drip Email Marketing Campaigns

Use Nurture Marketing to Strengthen Customer Relationships

Nurture marketing, also known as drip marketing, allows you to effectively nurture your leads over the long-term and more successfully convert them into customers. Once they become a customer, drip marketing allows you to strengthen your relationship by cross-selling, up-selling and re-selling them. It is also a perfect way to re-activate lost customers.

Nearly 80% of leads that respond to a call to action, have an initial conversation with someone from your organization, or answer questions on a web form, are not yet ready to purchase. Drip marketing gives you the opportunity to stay top-of-mind with your prospects by providing them with on-going relevant information.

Why Implement Drip Marketing into Your Marketing Efforts?

  • Qualify your leads based on their response to your content
  • Reduce sales leads that are lost from lack of (timely) follow-up
  • Provide leads with relevant information based on their buyer type
  • Generate sales-ready leads for your reps
  • Strengthen your on-boarding process with new customers
  • Up-sell, cross-sell and re-sell current customers
  • Re-activate lost or lapsed customers
  • Strategize your follow-up to proposals, demos, tradeshows and events