Inbound Marketing : : Turn Your Website into Your Best Sales Rep

Turn your website into a lead generation and sales machine. Inbound marketing uses targeted content to attract qualified leads and nurture relationships with customers and prospects, rather than using promotions or discounts to try to entice someone to buy when they might not be ready.

inbound marketing

How Inbound Marketing Works

Inbound marketing lets you interact with potential customers and start building a relationship with them - wherever they are in the buying process - until it’s time for them to make a purchase. With so many options to choose from, the key to your success is to position yourself as the “go-to expert”. By providing consistent, relevant information to help with the decision-making process – whether that’s offering success stories, information on changing trends or thought-leadership on a particular topic, you begin to build trust and establish your worth.

The keys to effective inbound marketing include creating meaningful calls to action that will entice people to want to continue interacting with you. You need to set up appropriate mechanisms for them to provide you with relevant information about themselves. Then, you use that information to continue building a relationship with them and position yourself as the company they want to do business with. The experienced team at Streamworks will be able to tell you what calls to action make sense for you. They can even help you write the copy and place the CTA’s strategically throughout your website.