Market Research : : Doing Your Homework

The most successful strategic plans are grounded in market research.  You need to have a solid grasp of what your target audience is looking for and what needs they are looking to address. You cannot effectively communicate the solutions your company provides, or influence decision-making, if you don’t understand exactly what your customers and prospects are looking for.

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Using Market Research To Listen

There is often a disconnect between what businesses believe the market is looking for and what people are actually saying. Market research allows your target audiences to tell you exactly what needs they are looking to have met, and how they want you to communicate with them.

Streamworks offers quantitative and qualitative market research services to help you test messaging and better understand your market position:

  • Surveys: Online or offline, surveys are an effective way to gain important information fast; surveys allow you to reach a larger percentage of your audience for more valuable insight
  • Focus Groups: In-person interaction allows us to delve into details with greater effectiveness, often uncovering hidden insights that lead to stronger successes
  • Competitive Research: Learning what your competitive environment looks like allows you to identify potential gaps in the marketplace and understand key differentiators on which you can capitalize