Marketing Analytics : : The Measure of Success

Successful marketers know marketing analytics is the secret to turning an ‘okay’ campaign into a winning one. Marketing analytics not only gives you a snapshot of how your campaigns are performing, but it provides valuable data for future planning.

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Using Marketing Analytics to Listen

The good news is that companies have more performance information at their disposal than ever before: shares, likes, hits, time on page, videos watched, coupons scanned, and response rates, to name a few. But the trick to marketing analytics is knowing which statistics give you useful insight and how to use that information to continually improve results. With years of experience, Streamworks can help you make sense of the data.

Marketing analytics lets you listen to your customer and prospects. The data will tell you which offer, message, or media channel they like best – you just have to look at the data (i.e. “listen”). By the same token, marketing analytics is the best yardstick a marketer has to know their strategy is on track and advertising dollars are being spent in the right places. And if results are lagging, marketing analytics gives the insight needed to retool your game plan.

It’s easy to get caught up in metrics that, while important, don’t immediately show a connection to increased sales, higher profits or lower acquisition costs. While we make it a priority to track and analyze metrics like social media engagement, website visits and list health, we understand that if you don’t ultimately see and understand how your work is producing better results for you, the other measurements are simply numbers.