How Can I Reactivate Lost Customers?

You’ve already done the hard work of turning a prospect into your customer, but for any number of reasons, they didn’t stay. Streamworks has an effective program that will help you reactivate lost customers.

Reactivate Lost Customers

Nurture to Restablish Relationships

Our data programmers will help you determine which customers are candidates for a reactivation strategy through data segmenting and response analysis. Once your lapsed customers have been identified, Streamworks will help you test new offers and messages using an integrated channel approach. Our Lifecycle Marketing program will help you find the right mix of elements to compel your lapsed customers to buy again.

Nurture marketing provides your inactive customers with a non-invasive way to reacquaint themselves with your company and rebuild their connection to you. You need to provide them with an experience that allows them to see the value behind your brand. They need to know that you are a knowledgeable industry expert and that you can provide information that will help them do their job more efficiently or make their lives easier. The better your communication, the more you increase your probability to reactivate lost customers.