From Sales to Customer Loyalty

Many traditional sales efforts end after the purchase order has been submitted or the credit card swiped. Long-term success requires converting single purchase customers (trier-buyers) into repeat customers, while building customer loyalty.

How much does it cost you to have a first time buyer stolen by your competition because they continued to stay in contact? You need to WOW your customers with great communication and follow-up. 

Customer Loyalty

Nurturing to Build Customer Loyalty

Nurture marketing builds customer loyalty by continuing to market to customers after they buy. Providing current, relevant content that helps your customers do their job more effectively or makes their life easier helps you position yourself as an industry expert. The more value you deliver, the better your chances to get repeat sales. Plus you’ll get cross-sell, upsell and referral opportunities.

Converting Customer Loyalty into Advocacy

Word-of-mouth has long been a powerful and trusted way to learn about companies you may want to work with. Long before the internet made things like “shares”, “likes” and “going viral” important measures, referrals from friends, family and associates influenced your buying decisions. Our Lifecycle Marketing program gives you a way to systematically ask for those valuable referrals which turn into sales at a much higher close rate.

Successful lifecycle marketing programs include creating and distributing information that your customers will want to share with their networks, turning them into advocates of your brand.