Lifecycle Marketing : : Essential for Business Success

Successful businesses know they need a strong plan in place for communicating with their customers and prospects at every stage of the buying cycle – a lifecycle marketing strategy.

Lifecycle Marketing Services

What is Lifecycle Marketing?

At Streamworks, we use a comprehensive approach to marketing. We help you define the sales lifecycle of your current and future customers and move you from a one-and-done purchase model to building lifetime relationships with your customers. Our Lifecycle Marketing program will drive more traffic to your business, create better qualified leads, convert prospects into customers at a higher rate, and help you maintain a long profitable relationship with them.

The Stages of Lifecycle Marketing

Whether you are a business-to-business or business-to-consumer company, there are four key stages in the sales lifecycle that are essential for your organization to nurture:

  • Generating New Leads: A key to lifecycle marketing is reaching the right audiences in the right places
  • Converting Prospects: Lifecycle marketing provides the tools to develop relationships and position your organization as the preferred choice
  • Building Customer Loyalty: Lifecycle marketing builds brand loyalty by continuing to market to customers after they buy
  • Reactivating Lost Customers: Lifecycle marketing enables your past customers to become a valuable current customer again