Printing Services : : An Important Part of the Marketing Mix

In today’s increasingly digital world, many marketers are questioning whether printing services are still a relevant marketing tool that merits a portion of their advertising budget. The truth is, printed materials are not only trusted by consumers, they are an excellent way to reinforce your brand. They also increase the effectiveness of your message when integrated with other marketing channels.

Printing Services

Printing Services for Every Need

When a brochure or direct mailpiece is printed, the sheer act of putting ink on paper gives your brand’s message an importance and staying power that can’t be achieved with other mediums. It causes your customer to pause from the digital hum of their daily life and take notice of what you’re saying.

Streamworks offers a variety of printing services including digital printing, offset printing and large format printing, so you can choose the one best suited to communicate your marketing messages.

Streamworks is “Great Printer” Certified

Streamworks is proud to have achieved Great Printer certification through the Printing Industry Midwest’s Great Printer Environmental Initiative program. 

The program recognizes printing companies who go above and beyond to maintain compliance with all environmental, health and safety rules, regulations and laws. The certification reflects Streamworks’ continued commitment to providing green, sustainable printing services.