Mail Tracking : : Real Time Delivery Results

It may be made from paper and ink, but direct mail has entered the information technology age. Using Streamworks’ USPS Intelligent Mail Tracking Portal, you can monitor your mail’s progress, through each step of the delivery process, in order to get real time delivery results all the way to its final destination.

Direct Mail Tracking Services

Using Mail Tracking for Better Time Management

Any direct mailpiece with an Intelligent Mail Tracking barcode, whether it’s mailed as first-class mail, periodical mail or standard mail (letter or flat), can be traced through the mail tracking portal.

Mail tracking lets you keep tabs on important or time-sensitive pieces such as checks, statements, catalogs or direct mailers. Knowing when your mailpieces are delivered allows you to make perfectly timed follow-up calls. It also allows you to staff appropriately for an event or sale and better manage your important customer relationships.

Types of Mail Tracking

There are two types of mail tracking that let you know where your mail is in the delivery process:

  • Destination Tracking: Lets you know when outgoing mailpieces have reached their destination
  • Origin Tracking: Lets you know when incoming mail (checks, orders, etc.) from customers will arrive