Data Append : : Define Your Best Customers to Find Look-Alikes

Data appending gives you the ability to learn more about your best customers and then find new prospects that look just like them. As wonderful as your customer database may be, there are probably some holes in your customer information that can be filled in. That’s where data appending comes into play. 

Data Append Service

How Data Appending Works

Data appending compares your customer information to a master database in order to fill in the missing pieces, like phone numbers and email addresses. It can also identify demographic and lifestyle information so you have a more complete customer profile. Once data appending has given you a comprehensive profile of what your best customers look like, you can use that information to identify new prospects that have the same attributes as your best customers.

Use List Appending to Increase Marketing ROI

Not only does list appending add missing data elements to your file, it also allows you to better segment your existing customer database. It gives you the ability to develop effective cross-sell promotions, up-sell campaigns, loyalty programs and other customer-focused strategies. Because you’re developing marketing strategies based on customer data insights, you can be confident you’re maximizing campaign efficiency and increasing marketing ROI.