Call To Action : : Motivating Your Audience to Act

Do you know what motivates your potential and current customers to act? Have you figured out the triggers that make your products or services valuable? With call to action buttons or links strategically placed throughout your site, you will position yourself as an invaluable resource and gain insight on what makes your prospects and customers respond.

Call to Action

What Is a Call To Action?

A call to action is a button, graphic or link on your website that encourages your visitors to click to take some sort of action, like downloading a resource guide or signing up for an event. Ideally, you’ll place calls to action wherever it is relevant to encourage further engagement. If you don’t have enough calls to action or your offers aren’t enticing enough, you won’t generate as many qualified leads and will miss potential sales opportunities.

What Should My Call To Action Be?

One of the key benefits to online calls to action is the ability to track and measure response. Because of our extensive experience, we encourage testing multiple calls to action in order to learn which best motivate your prospective customers to act.