Graphic Design : : The Face of Your Brand

Graphic design is the face of your brand. Because graphic design is visual (and hopefully compelling!), it’s usually the first thing to grab people’s attention. And like effective copy, the most responsive graphic design is guided by strategy and tailored to the communication channel being used.

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Creating Effective Graphic Design

Graphic design tells your story to your audience – it can tell your customers just how innovative, knowledgeable, or clever your company is before they even read a line of text.

  • Effective Graphic Design Grabs Attention: Once you are using the proper channels, great design will do the heavy lifting to generate interest
  • Effective Graphic Design Creates Recall: The consistent message of who your brand is should be apparent in every message you deliver. It needs to be in every story you tell so your audience creates and remembers the association between your company and your promise
  • Effective Graphic Design Communicates Value: Proper use of colors and shapes can subconsciously associate emotion and value with your brand