Streamline Marketing Operations with Print on Demand

Stream 360 is Streamworks' print on demand solution to help you streamline marketing operations and control your brand. We may call it “print on demand” but it’s so much more. It’s a life saver for companies with multiple locations and staff in the field, and a powerful digital asset management tool.

Stream360 Print on Demand

In a nutshell, Stream360 is a web-based platform – customized for your company and built to your specifications - for the personalization, ordering, and management of marketing assets, templates and finished products.

Put The Right Marketing Materials In The Right Hands

As companies expand regionally and globally, corporate marketing faces the increased challenge of getting personalized marketing materials to local markets and field reps, while maintaining brand integrity. For those in regulated industries who must ensure their marketing is compliant, the challenges are even greater.

Stream 360 solves this problem by allowing you to centralize and consolidate all your marketing assets through one custom marketing portal, from variable print on demand to digital assets, and everything in between.

Stream360’s intelligent interface allows your custom portal to match your branding while controlling workflows and access to content based on criteria such as market, user role, budget and more. 

One Portal, Multiple Marketing Channels

> Print On Demand

> Ad Resizing

> Direct Mail

> Email

> Kits/Fulfillment

> Collateral

> Proposals & Presentations

> Promotional Products

> Custom Templates

> Logos/Files

> Newsletters

> Videos

> POP Signage

> Social Media Assets