Mobile Marketing : : Put Your Message in Your Customer’s Hand

Should mobile marketing be part of your marketing strategy mix? Consider this: more people are accessing the internet using their mobile phones than desktop computers (Microsoft). Mobile marketing lets you put your brand’s message in your customer’s hand (quite literally!), so it only makes sense that you ensure your messages are optimized for the communication method your customers and prospects prefer. 

Mobile Marketing Services

Is Your Website Ready for Mobile Marketing?

Just because you have a beautiful website full of useful content doesn’t mean your job is done. You also need to make sure your website is easy to view and navigate on a mobile device. Streamworks’ team of website gurus will make sure your website is optimized to be mobile-friendly.

What is SMS Mobile Marketing?

Essentially, SMS mobile marketing is a technical term for texting. It’s something your customers and prospects most likely do every day. People hold their mobile phone numbers sacred, so if someone has opted in to receive SMS mobile marketing messages from you, it means they value your brand and view your company as a trusted source. It also means SMS mobile marketing is a tool you should be using; Streamworks will help you make sure you’re getting maximum ROI from this marketing tool.