Email Marketing : : The Trusted “Old” New Kid on the Block

Email marketing has been an essential tool for business ever since the introduction of the internet. Once a new media darling, email marketing has earned its place among the trusted, more mature marketing channels. And it’s easy to see why: email marketing has proven itself. Ninety-five percent of online consumers use email (source: Exact Target), and nearly almost that many check it daily. Plus, with the popularity of smart phones, email marketing messages are always at your customers’ fingertips.

Email Marketing Services

Keeping Your Message on Target with Email Marketing

What makes email marketing a truly remarkable marketing tool is that it allows you to send highly targeted messages to the right customers and prospects, at exactly the right time. Email is extremely cost-effective and provides instant analytics that allow you to quickly measure your results.

Email marketing, when paired with other channels, such as print or direct mail, not only reinforces your brand’s message, but actually lifts your response rates.