What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is just what it says it is – any marketing channel that lets you communicate directly with your customers or prospects. No shotgun approaches here.

Direct Marketing Services

Putting the Direct in Direct Marketing

Many think of direct mail when they hear “direct marketing”, and while direct mail is certainly the most traditional form of direct marketing, it’s so much more than that. Direct marketing is a personal, one-to-one communication that is data-driven, and in today’s digital age, it can take on many forms. It can be direct mail, email, mobile marketing or even social media.

Direct marketing lets you speak directly to your customers and prospects to build relationships with them and reinforce your brand’s message. Direct marketing allows you to tailor offers unique to your different customers segments. These offers compel them to act, and then allow you to collect concrete data to analyze. There’s no guessing with direct marketing; your customers will tell you what is and isn’t working – you just have to listen.

Streamworks Direct Marketing Solutions

As an integrated marketing communications company with years of experience, Streamworks offers a full host of direct marketing solutions, from strategy to execution.