JOHNSON T - FUN.jpgTara Johnson

Account Manager

Tara began her career with Streamworks while she was in college as an on-call fulfillment employee.   After graduating, she quickly worked her way up to a lead in the Fulfillment Department and eventually became an Account Manager.  Her time in the production environment gives Tara a unique understanding of what it takes to get a job done and how to effectively manage projects.  Her production knowledge combined with a strong attention to detail makes Tara a favorite among clients.

Tara @ work

Can you say organized?? ? Tara is known for the meticulously detailed (and color coded!) spreadsheets she uses to monitor her project components and deadlines. 

Tara @ play

A true Minnesota girl, Tara’s hobbies take advantage of the fun the state’s four seasons have to offer – whether it’s fishing and boating in the summer, tearing up fresh snow on a snowmobile in the winter or lamenting the woes of the Vikings in the fall.

Tara @ home

On a first-name basis with most of the employees at her local Lowes and Home Depot, Tara likes tackling DIY projects.  (And unlike a lot of us, she actually finishes them, too!)  When she’s not wielding her trusty hammer, she can be found relaxing on the deck sipping a cocktail and dreaming of her next beach vacation.


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