STOUSE - FUN.jpgLinda Stouse

Integrated Marketing Specialist

To say Linda Stouse’s resume is well-rounded is an understatement.  Her 35-year career began in the music industry, where she handled both local and national acts (ask her about the time she worked with a little-known artist who is fond of purple and goes by the name “Prince”).  From there she spent time in the printing and newspaper industries, where she held varied roles including project management, sales, R&D, training, software development and production (ask her about the year she spent in Mumbai, India setting up a 100+ employee production facility).

All of these diverse experiences mean Linda is uniquely qualified to understand the needs our potential clients have.

Linda @ work

Uses her diverse 35 years of experience aid in her ability to manage both direct marketing and digital projects for clients.

Linda @ play

Loves to go to movies and have butter with a side of popcorn, treasure hunt in thrift stores and garage sales and attempt new recipes.

Linda @ home

Linda balances a healthy obsession for the “Law & Order” TV series with sewing and home improvement projects.

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