ROBINSON - FUN.jpgJean Robinson

Senior Account Manager

Jean is a 24-year veteran of the direct marketing industry.  She began her career in I.C. System’s Direct Mail Division and, after several promotions, came to what is now Streamworks in 1998. She quickly moved up to her current role as Senior Account Manager.  Jean uses her wealth of experience, keen eye for detail and first-rate communication skills to keep her clients in the loop and their projects on schedule.

Jean @ work

Jean is extremely organized and possesses a hyper-focused attention to detail (good skills to have when managing print and direct mail projects).  Fun fact:  Jean also has a knack for remembering details.  She can recall the birthday and anniversary of nearly every person she’s met.

Jean @ play

Spends her free time travelling, reading, playing with her grand kids and cementing her status as Bon Jovi’s #1 super fan (10 concerts and counting!).

Jean @ home

Dreams of the day when her time at home can be spent relaxing, but instead finds most of her time filled with pesky chores like cooking, cleaning and laundry.  Luckily, all of these tasks go by a little more quickly when done with a Bon Jovi song playing.

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