PICHE - FUN2.jpgGlee Piche

Senior Account Manager

Glee is a direct mail pro with over 15+ years’ industry experience.  She began her career managing mail campaigns for Normandale Community College, which just happened to be a Streamworks’ client.  After 10 years of working with Streamworks, she decided to join the team!  Now she puts her experience and insights to work for others, managing projects with both an attention to detail and focus on the bigger picture.

Glee @ work

Having been a client herself for 10 years, Glee knows first-hand what it takes to make clients happy.  Namely, keep things on schedule and communicate clearly (keep the surprises for birthdays and anniversaries!).

Glee @ play

Glee loves to shop…a lot.  So much so, she considers being a professional shopper or owning a boutique her dream jobs.  When the malls close, she can be found playing the odds at a casino or throwing in a line at a local lake.

Glee @ home

Enjoys playing hostess (and putting her shopping finds to good use) by cooking for and entertaining friends.

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