CONOVER B - FUN2.jpgBree Conover

Account Manager

A Minnesota native and Streamworks legacy, Bree joined the team in the company’s Fulfillment department after finishing school.  After learning the ins and outs of pack outs, presorts and logistics, she was promoted to Assistant Fulfillment Manager.  Her attention to detail, workflow understanding and communication skills soon earned her another promotion to Account Manager, the position she holds today.

Bree @ work

Constantly strives to make her clients happy, no matter what.  Project finished ahead of deadline?  Check! Status update communicated quickly and succinctly?  Check!  Freshly washed car and a cup of Starbucks delivered to your office?  Maybe…

Bree @ play

Spends her free time doing a little bit of this and that; the “what” isn’t as important as long as she’s trying something new and staying active.

Bree @ home

Loves to make people smile, whether through a thoughtful gesture, an elaborate Halloween costume, or a well-timed prank.

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