SWENSON-A-Fun3.jpgAngie Swenson

Business Development Executive

A graduate of St. Cloud State University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Angie spent time in the hospitality, financial and insurance industries before finding her professional home in direct marketing.  Angie began her tenure at Streamworks as an account manager, where she managed projects and honed her client service skills, before moving into business development.  Angie uses her experience in integrated marketing, direct mail, printing and strategic planning to help clients achieve maximum ROI on their marketing investment.

Angie @ work

When not helping her clients, Angie has assumed the unofficial position of Streamworks’ social director.  Need help planning a barbeque, holiday party or scavenger hunt?  Ask Angie!

Angie @ play

Tends to hibernate in the winter (planning her next tropical vacation) but loves to spend time in the great outdoors when the mercury starts to climb.   Angie’s favorite warm weather past times include lounging on the beach, boating and fishing and rounding the bases at the softball diamond.

Angie @ home

Spends time with her husband and two young daughters playing princess, coloring, running in the park and reading stories cuddled on the couch.  We suspect these activities are to entertain her two young daughters and not her husband, but Angie won’t say for sure.

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