QUANDT - FUN.jpgAndrea Quandt

Vice President, Data Services

As Vice President of Client and Data Services, Andrea is responsible for making sure the account management and data programming teams run like a well-oiled machine.  A 12-year veteran of the direct marketing industry, Andrea uses her penchant for processes and detail to ensure projects stay on (or ahead) of schedule and in compliance with Streamworks’ security standards, all while coaching her teams that nothing is more important than client satisfaction.

Andrea @ work

Loves to learn new things and is one of the few people besides Cliff Claven who finds postal regulations fascinating.

Andrea @ play

Andrea possesses a crafty side that would make Martha Stewart jealous.  She enjoys making Christmas gifts and alternates regularly between liking to knit and liking to crochet (but don’t we all?).

Andrea @ home

Treasures long weekends at the cabin and spending time with her husband and two boys.  When she needs some quiet time, can be found curled up with her Kindle.

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